#LOVE 2022. Songsloveroses presents, “Humbly Stepping For Love.” I wrote this poem in 2018, after a tragic mass shooting on February 14, 2018. “A 19 year old opens fire on students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, murdering 17 people and injuring 17 others.” (CNN News) High School student from across America went to Washington D.C. to March to protest gun violence in America. On Saturday May 14, 2022, in Buffalo, New York, a 18 year old gunman killed 10 and wounded 3 at a grocery market. Today, sadly, again, I am sharing this poem. “Humbly Stepping For Love.” Far too often, America’s communities witness hurtful crying faces. They have lost love ones to violence. (The killers were young, 18 and 19 years old.) Those killed were young, middle aged, and senior citizens. This is so heartbreaking, but true. Love one’s, families, and friends, are left so confused and helpless. The community asks the question, what more must we do? Often, many brave hearts and souls speak out. They want to ease the pain. Families are told, “you are In our thoughts. You are In our prayers.” But, after even more shootings and deaths, things still remain the same. For a short period of time, the violence appears to stop. Then, painfully, in another community, the killing starts again. Time after time, members from the community comfort and support one another. They show love to their neighbors and friends. They meet. They pray. They marched. Marcher’s footsteps are the voices of their heart. Marching won’t bring about an instant fix. Marching is a start. Failure by lawmakers to address the situation, only prolong the pain. Until political leaders step up to the plate, things will remain the same. Students and communities witness political parties fighting against each other. Students and communities march because they want lawmakers to address gun violence. Too many lives have already been lost. Students and communities want lawmakers to work together. They want lawmakers to seek common sense solutions. For this noble cause, students and communities, will keep humbly stepping for love. (Hearts of love send thoughts and prayers for grieving families in Buffalo, New York, and for grieving families in the California Church shooting on Sunday, May 15, 2022)


“Nothing But Love,” for our beloved friend and gospel radio personality, Ce Ce Morris. We will truly miss your spiritual personality, humility, kindness, caring, and inspirational voice of love. We are so greatful to God for allowing us to be a part of your earthly journey of spiritual love. ‘We’ll done, thou good and faithful servant.” Heaven has gained an inspirational angel.

#LOVE 2021–Project Storytime Reading (Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence.) Created In God’s Image: The Rewards And Consequences Of Making Choices; Which Is God’s Gift Of Freedom Given To Mankind.

When God created man, God gave man the freedom to make choices. God clearly instructed man that the choice that man makes could result in life or death. The love in man’s heart and his relationship with God, is the foundation which directs and guides man to make good sound choices. Making quality sound choices come about through prayer and spiritual meditation, based on man’s personal relationship with God. Man’s relationship with God is strengthen through faith, obedience, and spiritual love. When man’s choices are favorable to God, the love in man’s heart will reflect the choices that he make in regard to himself and others. When we are unsure of the best choice to make, we should ask, “will my choice be pleasing to God? Will my choice be the best choice for me and my fellow man? Good choices should reflect, “Nothing But Love.” The Covid 19 Delta Variant is about making good sound choices, sickness, suffering, and death. This is your health journey. You make the difference.

#LOVE 2021 A Loving Spirit: Project Storytime Reading’s Love Anthem. (Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence.)

Love is sharing. Love is being obedient to God’s command. Love is being faithful. Love is being grateful to the creator. Love is motivation to a nation. Love is joy devine. Love is peace of mine. Love makes a better mankind. Love is patient. Love is meekness. Love is inspiration from the heart. Love is spiritual from the start. Love is the gift of life. Love was the ultimate sacrifice. Love is the perfect character of Jesus Christ. How precious is Love’s grace. How precious is Love’s mercy. How precious is God’s Love. How precious is Love’s spirit from above. So, open your heart today. Choose Love to guide your thoughts. Choose love to guide your decision making. Choose Love to guide your behavior. Choose Love to guide your path for the future. [The end.] The America that children, youth, and students, live in today, in the mid point of 2021, is a nation with a question from many of America’s people, “America, who are we today?” My prayers are for children, youth, and students, who cry daily, “please stop my sickness and pain. I want to live. I don’t want to die.” I don’t need to know them personally to pray from a heart of love for them. My prayers are for a nation that demonstrates the potential that America, in many aspects, has lost America’s first love. My prayers are for a nation that is suffering from within from internal wounds inflicted by people’s decision making and behavior. My prayers are for a nation embattled in a culture war: liberty versus responsibility and making mature decisions. My prayers are for America’s leaders, whose words from their mouth, often are far removed from the love in their heart. Finally, my prayers are for children, youth, and students who fail to see a united effort from America’s leaders who demonstrate compassion, caring, comforting, and humility through public service. Those hallmarks of faithful service have been replaced by self righteous objectives with short or long term personal ambitions. The footsteps of loving and caring leaders are footsteps of spiritual love. That is the hallmark and heart of a great nation.

LOVE 2021: Project Storytime Reading. (Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence. Covid 19 Delta Variant Virus: So Many Messages And Opinions; What Moves You? “The Covid 19 Delta Variant virus, 2021, is not your Covid 19, 2020 virus. It causes greater sickness and quicker deaths.”

Youth often ask me, when there are so many messages and opinions, what moves you regarding the vaccine shot. My response is, “I am moved by final death bed appeals from those dying from the Covid 19 virus, and those dying from the Covid 19 Delta Variant virus.” Their words are, “I am so sorry I gave the virus to my family because I went to a party and did not wear a mask.” Another patient’s last words, “Please, take the virus serious. Follow health guidelines and recommendations.” A man whose pregnant wife baby died after all the family got the Delta virus from him, “I kept putting off getting the vaccine shot. Please don’t put off getting the vaccine shot.” A teenage athlete words after he and his teenage sister got the vaccine shot, “I want to protect my team, family, and friends.” I also suggest Youth and adults visit the cemetery. The cemetery is the final resting place on earth. In the cemetery, there are no political gravestones. There is a guaranteed fact that should move all Americans, If Americans fail to unite together to stop the spread of the Covid 19 Delta Variant virus, instead, they foolishly continue to remain divided, Americans will suffer and parish like wicked and careless gamblers. The Covid 19 Delta Variant virus of 2021, could surpass the Covid 19 virus of 2020. Another factor that moves me, is the toll the Covid 19 Delta Variant virus, could have on already tired and overworked doctors, nurses, and other health care workers and first responders. Make your Covid 19 vaccine shot decision choice based on sound messages and sources which have no hidden agenda. These messages or sources should represent true love and respect for your life and your future. Youth and young adults, this is your health journey. You make the difference. Project Storytime Reading want to initiate a new initiative called, “Nothing But Love.” (N.B.L.) Get to know, learn, and respect the spiritual power of love. Take the best care of you. Make the time to take care of yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically. Discover a new you, a new attitude, and a new spirit. Practice safety and awareness daily. God is Love. God is Love and Life. “Love is the very essence of life…Love is the security for which children weep, the yearning of Youth, the adhesive that binds marriage, and lubricant that prevents devastating friction in the home. It is the peace of old age, the sunlight of hope shining through family, friends, church, and neighbors…Love like faith, is a gift of God.” (Gordon B. Hinckley) Extending, “nothing but love,” for Zaila Avant-Garde, 14, Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion, 2021. Also, to CoCo Gauff, 17 year old professional tennis player, who will, “miss the 2021 Summer Olympics, after testing positive for the Covid 19 virus.” Also, Katle Ledecky, 23 year old swimmer, “who will miss the 2021 Summer Olympics, due to the covid 19 virus.” Finally, “nothing but love is extended to U.S. sprinter, Sha’ Carri Richardson, 21 years old, “who qualified for the 2021 Summer Olympics, but fail to make the team due to marijuana use after hearing from a reporter, the news of her mother’s death.” Stay strong. Stay safe. Be encouraged.

Sound The Alarm: Youth Vaccination Shots Will Prevent A Surge IN Youth Hospitalizations And Youth Deaths. Motto: Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence.

The Covid 19 Delta Variant virus is spreading around the world and in the United States very rapidly.  “As the U. S. grapples with Delta Variant, India raises alarm over a new Covid strain mutated from it.  This strain is call Delta Variant Plus ”  (C.B.S. News)  This month’s Project Storytime Reading Video message, may be most important use of my voice and media platform.  I urgently appeal to youth, listen to scientist, health experts, and C.D.C. officials warning messages.  “Don’t wait to get your Covid 19 vaccine shot. Get your  Covid 19 vaccine shot now.”  I hear daily the conversation among youth concerning the health importance for youth to get a Covid 19 vaccine shot.  Some youth feel that there  is no real need for them to get a Covid 19 vaccine shot.   Some youth feel that their young body can overcome any threat caused by the Covid 19 Delta Variant virus.  Many youth believe that the United States government and health officials are overhyping the Delta Variant virus potential danger to youth, and the overall affect on youth overall health.  
I want to be proactive and sound the alarm to all youth before the serious Delta Variant virus is rampant in the United States.  Health officials and C.D.C. officials are warning Americans that the Covid 19 Delta Variant virus is already rapidly spreading in many states.  Health officials state, “vaccine shots are very effective in preventing the Delta Variant virus.  The concern is, many youth have not taken the shot.  Youth who have taken the vaccine shot is at a nine to ten percent national rate in America.  This is an alarming very low level.”  
I don’t want to see youth being hospitalized and dying in mass number in two to three months from now.  In early 2020, it was humiliating and tremendously sad watching the death rate soar among the elderly population in America.  At one point, the elderly death rate from Covid 19 was at 80 percent in America.  I don.t want to see youth  being hospitalized and dying in the midst of a Covid 19 Delta Variant surge and renewed health care crisis in America.  It frightens me to image the possibility of youth, parents caregivers, neighbors, community leaders, business leaders, and spiritual leaders crying out with a voice of outrage and despair, “something has to be done.  Somebody has to do something.”  I appeal on this video message for youth, responsible adults, and those in leadership positions to sound the alarm.  The health future of youth is depending on responsible leadership and sound health guidance today, and in weeks, months, and years to come.
I encourage youth, adults, parents, and caregivers, to share the Project Storytime Reading  June video message with family members, friends, coworkers, church members, and others.  One day youth will thank you for caring and taking a stand.  The video will be available on Monday, June 28, 2021.  The video can be seen on You Tube:  Odell Reddick Project Storytime Reading.  Also available on: songsloveroses.com.  Remember, this is your health journey.  You make the difference.  Be safe.  Be blessed.  (We join all hearts of love in praying for family members of the nine youth and one adult killed last Sunday in an automobile van accident in southern Alabama.  We also join those in America and around the world in praying for family members who had members in their family injured, killed, or is now missing, in the condo collapse, near Miami, Florida.)

“Inspire and motivate the heart of youth and adults.” I am often asked, “how did you come up with the idea of, Project Storytime Reading and Celebrate Our Youth Week?” Both ideas originated with observing a need in all communities to invest our resources in the emotional, academic, and spiritual, future of youth. (Enhancing youth abilities, gifts, talents, and future potentials. Building spiritual foundations of love, prepare future leaders with a heart of love. Building spiritual foundations of love, prepare youth to build their communities by providing service through caring, sharing, and spiritual love. Celebrate Our Youth Week is May 31-June 6, 2021. The theme is, “Youth Inspiring Youth.” Show youth spiritual love all week. This is your journey. You make the difference.)

Project Storytime Reading Motto:  Youth inspiration*Youth achievement*Youth excellence.

Project Storytime reading presents, Easter 2021:Understanding and Appreciating True Spiritual Love from the Heart.  Spiritual love is love from the heart, with the presence of God. “God is love.  God is life. God is the foundation of love and life.”  Jesus demonstrated God’s divine love from “The Cross.”  The Atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on “The Cross,” cost His life. Jesus’s death, burial, and Resurrection, demonstrate that a Loving God, loved the world so, “…He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  
Spiritual love from the heart was demonstrated in 2020 and 2021 by Dr. Ala Stanford, a Pediatric Surgeon from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  “She became a Covid19 vaccine champion for the hardest hit black community in Philadelphia.”  (N.B.C. News with Lester Holt)  Spiritual love from the heart was also demonstrated by a twenty two year old college nursing student in March, 2021, who, “spent her college Spring break giving Covid19 vaccine shots to members of her community.”  (W.A.L.B. 10             T.V.)
Project Storytime Reading’s first anniversary of, “Celebrate Our Youth Week,” is May 31-June 6, 2021.  The theme is, “Youth Inspiring Youth.”  Parents, families, caregivers, youth leaders, community leaders, business leaders, education leaders, political leaders, and Church leaders, are encouraged to show spiritual love and support for youth positive hard work, dreams, visions, and achievements, especially,  during the Covid19 pandemic.  Children, youth, and students have endured enormous stress, anxiety, and depression, while daily witnessing overwhelming sickness and death.  Helping youth establish a solid foundation ensure that youth are prepared for a successful future.  Our prayer is that youth continue to grow and mature academically, emotionally, and spiritually.  In all situations, stay with God.