Odell’s debut book THE JOURNEY: FROM LOVE TO LOVE’s is here!

The Journey Book Covers (3)

THE JOURNEY: FROM LOVE TO LOVE embodies a love from the heart that is rooted and grounded in a solid foundation of love and life.

The Journey: From Love to Love symbolizes the heart of the love of inclusion and acceptance that is in your heart. In this book, you will learn about the Four Pillars of Love: Faith, Respect, Discipline, and Forgiveness, that will guide you along your journey.

Readers of this book will learn the steps to unconditional love from the beginning to the end and how to keep your mind and heart on love: allow the spirit of love to lift you up as Reddick shows you how to open the door to your heart as it guides you through life’s journey. Embrace the inspiration of songs, the spirit of love and the beauty and passion of roses. Your journey to love awaits.