YOUTH DISCIPLINE TO VOTE: (Y. P. 10) Y. P. TEN (YPT) YOUTH PLUS TEN, presents a special, Project Storytime Reading, youth voting appreciation and appeal. (Motto: Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence.) In the November 8, 2022, election, youth again, really stepped up and voted across America in large numbers. Local and National News affiliates and networks, gave great recognition to youth voters, by highlighting youth amazing voting numbers at the polls. In my message today, I appeal, again, to youth voters, and put forward a new pitch to youth, to continue to increase youth polling numbers in the future. I believe the youth voting block, (ages 18-24 year olds in high school, college, employed, unemployed, and the military) is capable at some point in the future of replacing Senior Citizens, as the highest voting block in America. The “Youth Plus Ten Initiative” is a voting motivator for all youth in America. The goal of the initiative is for youth to register and insure ten new youth voters go to the voting polls.. Some youth may not reach a total of ten, but each new voter makes a difference. Any High School, college, or community, or church youth group can start their own “Youth PlusTen Initiative” organization . The idea is to promote voter participation by putting forth more voting knowledge and voting outreach. The future of youth voting is now. Youth voter participation makes the difference. Calling youth voters, “the number one voting block in America,” is major voting news in the future. Your time. Your vote. Your choice. Additional major youth participation in voting motivatesso many in America. Thanks to all youth.Odell Reddick, Director Of Project Storytime Reading.

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