#LOVE2022. Songsloveroses.com presents, a special Project Storytime Reading, new school year, back to school message for all students.—“Safety, Awareness, and Wellness: Students, This Is Your Academic And Health Journey. You Make The Difference.—P.S.R. Motto: Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence. (Prayer: Heavenly FATHER, thank you for the start of a new school year, 2022-2023.)

Please, give students the strength to successfully endure this school year. Carry students when they are weak or fearful. Help all students to unite on their academic journey. Help students to continue to grow, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.) Sadly, Summer 2022, was a deadly summer for youth and students. (Deadly shootings, family violence, accidents, and drownings. As Fall approaches, and students start to return to school, Project Storytime Reading, wants to remind students of the importance of safety, awareness, and wellness, as they return to school,, and throughout the new school year. First, when traveling, follow safety traveling guidelines. Prepare and plan your trip. Ensure that your automobile is safe to travel. Stay aware of your surroundings. Seek help when you feel unsafe. Don’t go to large gatherings or malls alone. Keep school security numbers or other emergency numbers available where you can reach help immediately. Never assume any situation is okay. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Finally, new cases of the Covid 19 Virus are increasing throughout the nation. We realize that many youth and students have not been vaccinated. The new Covid 19 Variant, poses a severe and dangerous health risk, especially for these youth and students. We encourage students to consult with their doctor or seek professional health advice. “Some variants emerge and and disappear, while others persist. New variants will continue to emerge.” (C.D.C. .gov.) “Slowing the spread of the virus by protecting yourself and others, can help slow the emergence of new variants. Getting a vaccine reduces your risk of severe illness, hospitalization, and death from Covid 19. Stay up to date on your Covid 19 vaccines, which includes getting a booster when eligible, futher improves your protection. The BA5 Variant has become the predominantly Variant of Covid 19 Nationwide”. (www.yourhealth.org.) Don’t let your heath choices be based on your political affiliation or political guidance. On January 1, 2023, there will be some youth and students who took a health gamble and did not take the vaccine nor did not follow C.D.C. health guidelines. Fortunately, they did not get sick or die from the virus. However, unfortunately and sadly, the C.D.C. had reasons and concerns for the danger and risks that unvaccinated youth, students and adults take in regards to their health. January 1, 2023, many in that unvaccinated group will fail to make it to start 2023. Many that were unvaccinated will start 2023, after enduring severe sickness and hospitalization during the Covid 19, BA5 Variant surge, in the Fall, 2022. This is your academic and health journey. You make the difference. May God bless all students and keep them safe.

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