#LOVE2022 Songsloveroses.com, presents, “Lord, Prepare This Nation, Touch Someone’s Heart: Before This Terror Upon Children Happens Again.” In the midst of division in this nation, somebody, or some group will seek attention for their evil cause by bringing harm to those less likely to defend themselves. Arguments are growing louder about where to place the blame. Just what sensible steps can be taken to bring about some solutions? There are consequences that should be expected after a nation has been in a prolonged Covid 19 Pandemic. Other issues don’t disappear due to the presence of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Chronic diseases and crime continue to take place. There are many law enforcement agencies and political leaders with advanced college degrees and many years of specialized training in various fields. Their top objective is to come up with ways to prevent another tragic shooting. So is there hope? There are youth with no high school education, or only a high school education, who are plotting and planning the next mass killing. They are planning for this school term, this summer, or the start of the next school term. At some point there must be a middle ground, where concerned leaders and professionals start asking the tough questions, asking, what are the real reasons for mass killings happen? Until that day comes, there will continue to be so much crying at children and youth gravesides. Until the killing of children, youth, and adults stop, the question for communities, shopping malls, grocery stores, and churches is where is the love? Students and peers are hurting and crying too often at the gravesides of love ones and peers. The fault that they see in ther leaders is the failure of leaders to keep them safe daily. Students, children, and communities, feel that leaders know the problem, but are not stepping forth with common sense solutions. That, they feel is the text book definition of insanity.

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