LOVE2022. Songsloveroses presents, “The Mindset Of Nonvoters: Citizens Who Are Qualified To Vote, But Fail To Cast Their Vote.”

The right to vote is the hallmark of a democracy. Many people have marched, suffered, and died, so all qualified citizens can vote. Voting is your voice. Your vote make the difference. All qualified and registered voters mindset should be, “I will cast my vote.” The dignity of voting starts from within you. Standing On the sidelines, rather than casting your vote, is like turning a blind eye to doing your civic duty. When you don’t vote,, others make decisions for you. Make a personal promise to yourself, “I will make no excuses to not cast my vote.” The passion to vote should be the symbolic light, for all who are qualified and eligible to vote. Prepare and plan now, by asking questions and checking your voting status. Discipline yourself to vote in the 2022 election, November 8, 2022. Vote early, if at all possible. Let’s go. Let’s grow. Let’s vote.. Your vote matters. Note: I wrote a post in 2020, that is still available on You Tube, titled, “Discipline To Vote In The 2020 Election.” To view the video, go to You Tube: Odell Reddick- Discipline To Vote In The 2020 Election. My email is:


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