#2023LOVE. Songsloveroses presents a very special Mother’s Day post. “The Images of Death: Leaders Denying Reality.”

If your heart is true; if love is in your heart and spirit, then boldly visit funeral homes and cemeteries with bodies of innocent people, (youth, adults, students, and senior citizens), whose lives were taken with no regard of the lasting impact on family members and love ones. Mother Day is about real and true love, leaders before you give your mother that rose or place that flower on her grave, take a good look at your heart, you might see yourself and others differently. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers.

#2023LOVE. “Love At Christmas Daily.”

I am humble to share a portion of this book because I know that watching the daily news or being engaged with social media has an enormous affect on youth and adults. Chapter ten is the last of ten inspirational chapters. Chapter ten ends the book’s message of spiritual wisdom, love knowledge, and spiritual understanding. The book’s goal is to motivate readers to live daily lives that are pleasing to, “The Foundation of God. The title of chapter ten is, “Jesus is the Light of Hope and Faith for the Future of this Nation and the World: The World’s Satellite and Radar Life Light Should Model the Life of Jesus Christ.” As long as people perceive the nation or world has so much to offer that will bring them fame, fortune, or power, there will be crime, diseases, suffering, and wars. Throughout the Bible, Prophets, Jesus Christ and His deciples,, spiritual teachers, and preachers of the gospel, warned humanity of the consequences of living sinful lives. They appealed to humanity to live daily to please God and not to live daily to please themselves or man. These spiritual believers taught that, “it is essential to live obedient and rightious lives to receive God’s blessings. They taught that, spiritual love is the foundation of God’s creation. Love produces spiritual fruit. Love has no fear. Hate causes division, disorder, distractions, and destruction” When this nation or world that was created by God become torn by internal division, strife, weakness, hate, and unrighteousness, the out look for the Future will not change, until those who believe humble themselves and seek God. (2nd Chronicles 7:14.) If readers want to know what the future of this nation or the world may hold, they only need to observe community leaders, political leaders, spiritual leaders, and spiritual believers. Do their daily lives, model the spiritual light, character, or attributes of Jesus Christ? Do their daily service please man or God? Those who trust Jesus, trust and imitate the one who holds the future.


Songsloveroses.com, presents a special, Project Storytime Reading, youth voting appreciation and appeal. (Motto: Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence.) In the November 8, 2022, election, youth again, really stepped up and voted across America in large numbers. Local and National News affiliates and networks, gave great recognition to youth voters, by highlighting youth amazing voting numbers at the polls. In my message today, I appeal, again, to youth voters, and put forward a new pitch to youth, to continue to increase youth polling numbers in the future. I believe the youth voting block, (ages 18-24 year olds in high school, college, employed, unemployed, and the military) is capable at some point in the future of replacing Senior Citizens, as the highest voting block in America. The “Youth Plus Ten Initiative” is a voting motivator for all youth in America. The goal of the initiative is for youth to register and insure ten new youth voters go to the voting polls.. Some youth may not reach a total of ten, but each new voter makes a difference. Any High School, college, or community, or church youth group can start their own “Youth PlusTen Initiative” organization . The idea is to promote voter participation by putting forth more voting knowledge and voting outreach. The future of youth voting is now. Youth voter participation makes the difference. Calling youth voters, “the number one voting block in America,” is major voting news in the future. Your time. Your vote. Your choice. Additional major youth participation in voting motivatesso many in America. Thanks to all youth.Odell Reddick, Director Of Project Storytime Reading.

LOVE2022. Songsloveroses presents, “The Mindset Of Nonvoters: Citizens Who Are Qualified To Vote, But Fail To Cast Their Vote.”

The right to vote is the hallmark of a democracy. Many people have marched, suffered, and died, so all qualified citizens can vote. Voting is your voice. Your vote make the difference. All qualified and registered voters mindset should be, “I will cast my vote.” The dignity of voting starts from within you. Standing On the sidelines, rather than casting your vote, is like turning a blind eye to doing your civic duty. When you don’t vote,, others make decisions for you. Make a personal promise to yourself, “I will make no excuses to not cast my vote.” The passion to vote should be the symbolic light, for all who are qualified and eligible to vote. Prepare and plan now, by asking questions and checking your voting status. Discipline yourself to vote in the 2022 election, November 8, 2022. Vote early, if at all possible. Let’s go. Let’s grow. Let’s vote.. Your vote matters. Note: I wrote a post in 2020, that is still available on You Tube, titled, “Discipline To Vote In The 2020 Election.” To view the video, go to You Tube: Odell Reddick- Discipline To Vote In The 2020 Election. My email is: odellgreddick@gmail.com.

#LOVE2022. Songsloveroses.com presents, a special Project Storytime Reading, new school year, back to school message for all students.—“Safety, Awareness, and Wellness: Students, This Is Your Academic And Health Journey. You Make The Difference.—P.S.R. Motto: Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence. (Prayer: Heavenly FATHER, thank you for the start of a new school year, 2022-2023.)

Please, give students the strength to successfully endure this school year. Carry students when they are weak or fearful. Help all students to unite on their academic journey. Help students to continue to grow, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.) Sadly, Summer 2022, was a deadly summer for youth and students. (Deadly shootings, family violence, accidents, and drownings. As Fall approaches, and students start to return to school, Project Storytime Reading, wants to remind students of the importance of safety, awareness, and wellness, as they return to school,, and throughout the new school year. First, when traveling, follow safety traveling guidelines. Prepare and plan your trip. Ensure that your automobile is safe to travel. Stay aware of your surroundings. Seek help when you feel unsafe. Don’t go to large gatherings or malls alone. Keep school security numbers or other emergency numbers available where you can reach help immediately. Never assume any situation is okay. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Finally, new cases of the Covid 19 Virus are increasing throughout the nation. We realize that many youth and students have not been vaccinated. The new Covid 19 Variant, poses a severe and dangerous health risk, especially for these youth and students. We encourage students to consult with their doctor or seek professional health advice. “Some variants emerge and and disappear, while others persist. New variants will continue to emerge.” (C.D.C. .gov.) “Slowing the spread of the virus by protecting yourself and others, can help slow the emergence of new variants. Getting a vaccine reduces your risk of severe illness, hospitalization, and death from Covid 19. Stay up to date on your Covid 19 vaccines, which includes getting a booster when eligible, futher improves your protection. The BA5 Variant has become the predominantly Variant of Covid 19 Nationwide”. (www.yourhealth.org.) Don’t let your heath choices be based on your political affiliation or political guidance. On January 1, 2023, there will be some youth and students who took a health gamble and did not take the vaccine nor did not follow C.D.C. health guidelines. Fortunately, they did not get sick or die from the virus. However, unfortunately and sadly, the C.D.C. had reasons and concerns for the danger and risks that unvaccinated youth, students and adults take in regards to their health. January 1, 2023, many in that unvaccinated group will fail to make it to start 2023. Many that were unvaccinated will start 2023, after enduring severe sickness and hospitalization during the Covid 19, BA5 Variant surge, in the Fall, 2022. This is your academic and health journey. You make the difference. May God bless all students and keep them safe.

#LOVE 2022 Songsloveroses.com presents, “Independence Day In America, 2022: Spiritual Hearts Of Love, Created To Serve.”

Psalms 51:10 ‘Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.’—(On Independence Day, July 4, 2022, I watched on the news, another mass shooting in America. The trauma, mental, and physical scars, from these horrible shootings, impact youth and adults for a lifetime. I want to share some informative and thoughtful passages from my upcoming book, “LOVE AT CHRISTMAS DAILY, ” with America and the World.) Spiritual Love is demonstrating acts of kindness, service, and good deeds daily. When you turn your back, or look the other way, when others are in need, going through bad circumstances, or is in distress daily, in your Spiritual heart, you must acknowledge, “you are better than that.” The monster that you create, or the monster that you allow to assemble himself, is self made, and will becomes the monster that you will eventually come to know. The monster that you create with your tone, rhetoric, and mindset, over many years, is the monster that you help to grow. The monster, or, “enemy within,” is doomed to cause chaos, confusion, and destruction. Powerful forces, those of power and influence, that fail to strengthen others in positive ways, will over time contribute to their downfall. When you open your eyes to reality, all the good things that you love and cherish will be gone. The seeds of spiritual love that you plant daily, the good deeds and service that you do daily for others, is the loving harvest that you will grow. What you pass on daily, is what will be the foundation for future generations, further on down the road. You are a vital part of America. You are a vital part of this world. This is your life. This is your daily journey. This is your spiritual journey. You make the difference. (Spiritual hearts of love send thoughts and prayers for all families that lost family members, or, their family members were injured in the Highland Park shooting.)

#LOVE2022 Songsloveroses.com, presents, “Lord, Prepare This Nation, Touch Someone’s Heart: Before This Terror Upon Children Happens Again.” In the midst of division in this nation, somebody, or some group will seek attention for their evil cause by bringing harm to those less likely to defend themselves. Arguments are growing louder about where to place the blame. Just what sensible steps can be taken to bring about some solutions? There are consequences that should be expected after a nation has been in a prolonged Covid 19 Pandemic. Other issues don’t disappear due to the presence of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Chronic diseases and crime continue to take place. There are many law enforcement agencies and political leaders with advanced college degrees and many years of specialized training in various fields. Their top objective is to come up with ways to prevent another tragic shooting. So is there hope? There are youth with no high school education, or only a high school education, who are plotting and planning the next mass killing. They are planning for this school term, this summer, or the start of the next school term. At some point there must be a middle ground, where concerned leaders and professionals start asking the tough questions, asking, what are the real reasons for mass killings happen? Until that day comes, there will continue to be so much crying at children and youth gravesides. Until the killing of children, youth, and adults stop, the question for communities, shopping malls, grocery stores, and churches is where is the love? Students and peers are hurting and crying too often at the gravesides of love ones and peers. The fault that they see in ther leaders is the failure of leaders to keep them safe daily. Students, children, and communities, feel that leaders know the problem, but are not stepping forth with common sense solutions. That, they feel is the text book definition of insanity.

#LOVE 2022. Songsloveroses presents, “Humbly Stepping For Love.” I wrote this poem in 2018, after a tragic mass shooting on February 14, 2018. “A 19 year old opens fire on students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, murdering 17 people and injuring 17 others.” (CNN News) High School student from across America went to Washington D.C. to March to protest gun violence in America. On Saturday May 14, 2022, in Buffalo, New York, a 18 year old gunman killed 10 and wounded 3 at a grocery market. Today, sadly, again, I am sharing this poem. “Humbly Stepping For Love.” Far too often, America’s communities witness hurtful crying faces. They have lost love ones to violence. (The killers were young, 18 and 19 years old.) Those killed were young, middle aged, and senior citizens. This is so heartbreaking, but true. Love one’s, families, and friends, are left so confused and helpless. The community asks the question, what more must we do? Often, many brave hearts and souls speak out. They want to ease the pain. Families are told, “you are In our thoughts. You are In our prayers.” But, after even more shootings and deaths, things still remain the same. For a short period of time, the violence appears to stop. Then, painfully, in another community, the killing starts again. Time after time, members from the community comfort and support one another. They show love to their neighbors and friends. They meet. They pray. They marched. Marcher’s footsteps are the voices of their heart. Marching won’t bring about an instant fix. Marching is a start. Failure by lawmakers to address the situation, only prolong the pain. Until political leaders step up to the plate, things will remain the same. Students and communities witness political parties fighting against each other. Students and communities march because they want lawmakers to address gun violence. Too many lives have already been lost. Students and communities want lawmakers to work together. They want lawmakers to seek common sense solutions. For this noble cause, students and communities, will keep humbly stepping for love. (Hearts of love send thoughts and prayers for grieving families in Buffalo, New York, and for grieving families in the California Church shooting on Sunday, May 15, 2022)

#LOVE 2021–Project Storytime Reading (Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence.) Created In God’s Image: The Rewards And Consequences Of Making Choices; Which Is God’s Gift Of Freedom Given To Mankind.

When God created man, God gave man the freedom to make choices. God clearly instructed man that the choice that man makes could result in life or death. The love in man’s heart and his relationship with God, is the foundation which directs and guides man to make good sound choices. Making quality sound choices come about through prayer and spiritual meditation, based on man’s personal relationship with God. Man’s relationship with God is strengthen through faith, obedience, and spiritual love. When man’s choices are favorable to God, the love in man’s heart will reflect the choices that he make in regard to himself and others. When we are unsure of the best choice to make, we should ask, “will my choice be pleasing to God? Will my choice be the best choice for me and my fellow man? Good choices should reflect, “Nothing But Love.” The Covid 19 Delta Variant is about making good sound choices, sickness, suffering, and death. This is your health journey. You make the difference.