#2023LOVE. “Love At Christmas Daily.”

I am humble to share a portion of this book because I know that watching the daily news or being engaged with social media has an enormous affect on youth and adults. Chapter ten is the last of ten inspirational chapters. Chapter ten ends the book’s message of spiritual wisdom, love knowledge, and spiritual understanding. The book’s goal is to motivate readers to live daily lives that are pleasing to, “The Foundation of God. The title of chapter ten is, “Jesus is the Light of Hope and Faith for the Future of this Nation and the World: The World’s Satellite and Radar Life Light Should Model the Life of Jesus Christ.” As long as people perceive the nation or world has so much to offer that will bring them fame, fortune, or power, there will be crime, diseases, suffering, and wars. Throughout the Bible, Prophets, Jesus Christ and His deciples,, spiritual teachers, and preachers of the gospel, warned humanity of the consequences of living sinful lives. They appealed to humanity to live daily to please God and not to live daily to please themselves or man. These spiritual believers taught that, “it is essential to live obedient and rightious lives to receive God’s blessings. They taught that, spiritual love is the foundation of God’s creation. Love produces spiritual fruit. Love has no fear. Hate causes division, disorder, distractions, and destruction” When this nation or world that was created by God become torn by internal division, strife, weakness, hate, and unrighteousness, the out look for the Future will not change, until those who believe humble themselves and seek God. (2nd Chronicles 7:14.) If readers want to know what the future of this nation or the world may hold, they only need to observe community leaders, political leaders, spiritual leaders, and spiritual believers. Do their daily lives, model the spiritual light, character, or attributes of Jesus Christ? Do their daily service please man or God? Those who trust Jesus, trust and imitate the one who holds the future.


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