PROJECT STORYTIME READING: THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY, (www.songsloveroses.com) PRESENTS–“CELEBRATE OUR YOUTH (C.O.Y.) WEEK”–MONDAY, JUNE 1–SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 2020. Theme: MOVING YOUTH FORWARD. Scripture: JOSHUA 1:9; GALATIANS 6:9. [Celebrate Our Youth Week, 2020, takes place just weeks after honoring Mothers; and, just weeks before honoring Fathers. Youth are the bridge that connect the Family Foundation. Thus, Youth are worthy of celebrating. Honor Youth in your own special way.]

#LOVE2020: “THE YEAR OF LOVE.”—(The Coronavirus Unknown: Mysterious Children Illness.)

Fifty Six Days-Children Critical Health Observation: Putting A Value On America’s Children Lives. All parents, caregivers, and responsible adults mark your calendar. Start on Mother’s Day, May 10, through Father’s Day, June 21, to Independence Day, July 4; each day focus critically, on children health and wellness. “Fifty Six” critical days to go above and beyond to save children lives. Children deserve the will to live. Stay InThe Moment, in regard to Children Health Safety. Staying Aware and Staying alert mean saving Children Lives. You don’t have to fear the unknown; just stay informed. Look, Listen, and Learn Daily. Children are depending on federal, state, community, and spiritual leaders to protect their lives and keep them safe. Please, don’t fail to keep children safe. Start your “Fifty Six Days Children Critical Health Observation.” This is your journey. You make the difference. Stay safe.

#LOVE 2020: “THE YEAR OF LOVE.”—Math For Life: Life Saving Knowledge In Numbers.

In April, “there was one death every 44 SECONDS, due to the Coronavirus in the United States.” (C.N.N. News). Don’t get comfortable and careless. It’s Not Over!!! “The Coronavirus is a nightmare.” The Coronavirus is real. The Coronavirus causes severe suffering and catastrophic death. “When you leave this world, you return no more.” Be safe for you. Be safe for your family. Be safe for your community. This is your journey.