Allow Odell Reddick to guide you to love! The foundation of his first book. The Journey: From Love to Love, derives from a childhood of a young boy who was reared by parents, a childhood deeply rooted in religion. Reddick’s father died when he was at the tender age of 9. His strong and resilient mother continued the daunting task of raising five boys and five girls. Times were very tough and their family fell on hard times. But being rooted in a solid foundation of love and faith, God kept the Reddick family strong and together. His mother’s guidance and teachings on the four pillars of faith (faith, respect, discipline, and forgiveness) was the nucleus that enabled Odell to experience success in love and in life.

Odell Reddick attended Savannah State University majoring in Business Studies and graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Social Science. Odell’s career endeavors span the areas of business management and customer service training, having received numerous awards for business management and team development. However, it was through teaching as a middle and high school educator that he was able to make his greatest impact, passing on the qualities of love and life taught to him by his mother and father.

The Journey is the first of the trilogy of books on love. Through Odell’s parent company, Songs-Love-Roses, he will continue to spread his message of love through clothing, apparel and merchandise aimed at reaching the lost and hurting with the message of love.