#LOVE2020: “THE YEAR OF LOVE.”—This Is Your Journey: Moulding Minds For A Great Future.

The power of one; finding ways to make a difference. To students and adults who are at home each day; I encourage you to make good use of your time. But, when you get the opportunity, read, read, and read. “Reading is fundamental.” Reading is empowering. Reading is knowledge. Reading is developing brain power. Reading improves your creative thinking and mental processing. Great reading skills lead to great scientists, biologists, educators, leaders, journalists, and many other professions. I appeal to students and adults who do little or no reading to make it your goal to say when the Coronavirus is over, “I love reading.” Hopefully, students and adults will discover why they were not motivated to read. I wanted my book, “The Journey: From Love To Love,” to be an easy reading book for youth and adults regardless of their age. I intentionally used short essays, short poems, short passages, and short narratives. I suggested in the book that readers, “read it their way.” (Choose a favorite chapter, narrative, passage, or poem.) My desire was that readers would develop a greater interest in reading various sources. I enjoyed reading great Biblical stories, teachings, and parables as told by Jesus. I want to inspire, encourage, and challenge, students and adults to improve their reading skills by taking time each day, or from time to time, to develop their writing skills. Reading and writing compliment each other. On Friday, April 10th, I will begin a “storytime” reading and writing video project on my “songsloveroses” website. The storytime video project will be called, “this is your journey.” I will read for a short period of time, a short passage, short narrative, short essay, or short poem. I will make one new video per week until the start of the 2020 fall school term. My hope is that students and adults will find these short reading videos useful. At the end of the video I will give a writing topic so students and adults, if they wish, can practice their writing skill. This will not be competitive. Students will be able to send their short writing to my email address. I will evaluate their progress. There will be no need for anyone to get someone to write for them. That, then will be both their thinking and writing. I will help you to be honest at your level of writing. It is only then, that growth can take place. If you are really seeking to improve your reading and writing skills, it will befit you when the new school year starts, by helping you to be a better student. The goal is for you to learn, grow and develop. Remember, “this is your journey.” Let’s make it special. This is the foundation for your future. “If I can help someone along the way, my work is not in vain.” Stay safe.

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