# 2019 “The Journey: From Love To Love”–Last week the Winter season changed to Spring. Spring brought a new season of nature’s love. I’ll rejoice daily in the power, promises, and presence of spiritual love. The name of this poem for the Spring season in our lives is, “Jesus is my Light of Love: With Love, I’ll Stay Alive.” I’ll grow strong. I’ll daily learn how to move forward on my own. As long as I know how to love; I know I will stay alive. I know that I won’t fall. Jesus leads me. He guides me. Jesus is my light of love. He lives in me. He directs my path. Jesus gives me strength from above. I got so much to give. I got my life to live. I am so grateful for love. Sometimes in life, it takes witnessing the changing of seasons, to remind me to be thankful for my blessings. My way gets hard. My path gets dark. When love shines bright; love is my light. As long as I abide in the presence of love; Jesus promised to be my light of love. Seasons may change in my life; with love, I’ll stay alive.

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