#2019 “The Journey: From Love To Love”–Don’t wait for a special occasion to let children know that you love them. Always, let children know that you have faith and trust in them. Let children know that you appreciate them. Let children know that they are worthy of love. I wrote this poem to encourage children, parents, and caregivers. The name of the poem is, ” When A Child Is Loved.” When you ask a child to stop what the child is doing; because, you know that what the child is doing is wrong. The child may not understand; but, you must still demand. When you demonstrate that you care; a child will learn to accept your discipline. When a child is Loved: a child may not always pass your discipline test. But, because you demonstrated that you care; a child is willing to do his or her best. A child may struggle in the morning. A child may struggle at night. But, because a child is calmed by the presence of love; the child is going to be alright. So, don’t get discouraged, when there are days that seems you won’t make it through; keep a smile on your face. Show courage and determination. A foundation of love is molded; when a child is loved.


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