LOVE2020: THE YEAR OF LOVE.”—Part 2 of a two part post. The Coronavirus- A National and World Crisis: Voices and Hearts Of Love Matter.

I am very humble and grateful that my second book on spiritual love and understanding will be published soon. I titled this book, #LOVE2020: “The Year Of Love.” I wanted this book to be released at the start of the new year, the first week in January, 2020. It didn’t work out for that release timetable. However, the national and world crisis related to the Coronavirus, makes the book future release very timely. I devoted a great deal of time studying and researching how Jesus taught the values of love, and His command for humanity to share spiritual love. In addition, Jesus daily demonstrated compassion, love and caring for others. “Love ye one another.” The Disciples also demonstrated love. They taught and preached on the need for those of faith to also practice, demonstrate, teach, and share spiritual love. I studied how religious leaders and political leaders from Biblical times up to the present year of 2020, dealt with circumstances and crisis. Some led with a compassionate heart of love. Some attempted to lead by their own might, showing no compassion toward the struggles endured by others. I am hopeful that this book will highlight the need for understanding love, and daily demonstrating spiritual love. One chapter that I want to highlight from the book is, “The Dreamkillers: Enemies of Love.” This chapter focuses on those who try to stop others from following their dream or accomplishing their goals. They are enemies of love.
The two other books slated for release in 2020 are, ” Love Awareness: Teach Me How To Eat” ( Understanding our physical body in order to live a long and healthy life. The enemies of maintaining a healthy body are: excessive shorting in diet, excessive sugar, excessive salt, failure to exercise, and the lack of sufficient sleep daily.) The other book is titled, “Love Under My Tree” (A book for Christmas, 2020, which highlights the plight and hope of a young girl who live in an abusive home. For Christmas, this young girl doesn’t want money, clothes, or material things. She only wish for the miraculous gift of a non abusive home, and the miraculous gift of a peaceful and loving home under her tree.) Hopefully, all the 2020 release times will work out. If not, I’ll be okay. I’ll still have joy. My planned timing may not be God’s timing. However my book writing turns out in 2020, I hope my messages were inspirational and demonstrated a service of love for all readers by sharing a spirit of love and sharing the presence of Jesus. I want to thank all healthcare workers for all that you do. To everyone; stay faithful. Stay strong. Be blessed.

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