#LOVE 2020: “THE YEAR 0F LOVE.”—Part 1 of a two part post. The Coronavirus-A National and World Crisis: Voices and Hearts of Love Matter.

My first book, “The Journey: From Love To Love,” was written when I stepped out on faith, with a spirit of love. There were two things that were clear to me and repeatedly visited me in my spirit. First, the book is not about me. Though the book is based on my childhood to adulthood’s spiritual foundation, it was not written to build me up in any manner as an individual. The book was to highlight the awesome love of God; and our need of God’s daily presence in our life during our earthly journey in our lifetime. We need God to help us have personal relationships with others by loving others. When we show seeds of love, we establish a foundation for a successful future.
Planting seeds of love enables us to harvest spiritual hearts of love. Second, It was clear in my spirit, that I was to study, read, and prepare my mind to grow, develop spiritual maturity, and develop spiritual insight to write future books. Personally, I hoped the book would provide inspiration for readers of all ages. I wanted the theme of the book to highlight that God is love. God is the foundation of love and life. God is the origin of love. The nature and character of God is love. I also wanted to highlight my parents philosophy of raising five boys and five girls. I named that philosophy in the book, the four pillars of love: faith, respect, discipline, and forgiveness. My goal was to also bring about a better understanding of spiritual love. I wanted to inspire and motivate readers to do additional reading and research. I included narratives, poems, spiritual love songs and other additions in the book. In narratives in six chapters, I asked, “where is the love.” These chapters were: The Silent Tears, The Voiceless, Broken and Shattered, Caged by Rage, Loniless and Scorn, and The Golden Years of Hurt and Shame. Today, in America, and around the world, there is a world wide health crisis, called the Coronavirus. National, state, and local political leaders and public service leaders must be aware that people are asking that question in regards to decisions and non decisions that they make: where is the love. This question is also asked in relation to spiritual leaders, business leaders, educational leaders, community leaders, and family leaders in regard to fulfilling their responsibilities: where is the love? Love is not, just a saying, “tongue in cheek.” “Love is the highest form of spiritual development.” Dr. King wrote that,”Love is the greatest force in the universe.” The Coronavirus is a call out to those in authority to, “do the right thing.” This Coronavirus crisis is an opportunity and a call for responsible leaders and everyone to put love in action. Whether it’s making policies, laws, and guidelines, or following policies and guidelines, it all start with a loving heart. There is an article in the New York Post (Thursday, March 18, 2020) by Tracey Tully: “The Coronavirus kill seven members of a single family in Central New Jersey.” Everyone, let you best love light shine. Stay connected through spiritual love. Be faithful. Be safe. Be blessed. (Please read part 2, The Coronavirus-National and World Crisis: Voices and Hearts of Love Matter.)

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