#LOVE2020:”THE YEAR OF LOVE.”–Post Coronavirus Awareness: Critical Challenging Times Ahead.

Hopefully, lessons learned during the Coronavirus Crisis, will make America wiser and stronger. It is essential that all areas of society make preparation to deal with post Coronavirus fear, panic anxiety, stres, and uncertainty. It can be stated today that there will be an enormous rise in demand for assistance in many, many areas for youth and adults. Today, those in authority, should confront the reality that if there is a lack of preparation or a failure to address critical areas where there are needs, there will be an increase in mental, emotional, and physical health conditions. There will be an increase in the crime rate. There will be an increase in suicide and attempted suicide. These are just a few examples. When you think about social, business, and educational needs and concerns, you can paint an even better picture of what post Coronavirus
weeks, months and years challenges will bring. Everyone in the nation must step up to the plate and be prepared in their specialized areas. The 2020 love journey is a spiritual love journey from the heart that will mold and shape our future. Hearts of love will build that foundation for a loving future. Stay faithful Stay strong. BE blessed.

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