#LOVE 2021 A Loving Spirit: Project Storytime Reading’s Love Anthem. (Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence.)

Love is sharing. Love is being obedient to God’s command. Love is being faithful. Love is being grateful to the creator. Love is motivation to a nation. Love is joy devine. Love is peace of mine. Love makes a better mankind. Love is patient. Love is meekness. Love is inspiration from the heart. Love is spiritual from the start. Love is the gift of life. Love was the ultimate sacrifice. Love is the perfect character of Jesus Christ. How precious is Love’s grace. How precious is Love’s mercy. How precious is God’s Love. How precious is Love’s spirit from above. So, open your heart today. Choose Love to guide your thoughts. Choose love to guide your decision making. Choose Love to guide your behavior. Choose Love to guide your path for the future. [The end.] The America that children, youth, and students, live in today, in the mid point of 2021, is a nation with a question from many of America’s people, “America, who are we today?” My prayers are for children, youth, and students, who cry daily, “please stop my sickness and pain. I want to live. I don’t want to die.” I don’t need to know them personally to pray from a heart of love for them. My prayers are for a nation that demonstrates the potential that America, in many aspects, has lost America’s first love. My prayers are for a nation that is suffering from within from internal wounds inflicted by people’s decision making and behavior. My prayers are for a nation embattled in a culture war: liberty versus responsibility and making mature decisions. My prayers are for America’s leaders, whose words from their mouth, often are far removed from the love in their heart. Finally, my prayers are for children, youth, and students who fail to see a united effort from America’s leaders who demonstrate compassion, caring, comforting, and humility through public service. Those hallmarks of faithful service have been replaced by self righteous objectives with short or long term personal ambitions. The footsteps of loving and caring leaders are footsteps of spiritual love. That is the hallmark and heart of a great nation.

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