#LOVE 2021–Project Storytime Reading (Youth Inspiration. Youth Achievement. Youth Excellence.) Created In God’s Image: The Rewards And Consequences Of Making Choices; Which Is God’s Gift Of Freedom Given To Mankind.

When God created man, God gave man the freedom to make choices. God clearly instructed man that the choice that man makes could result in life or death. The love in man’s heart and his relationship with God, is the foundation which directs and guides man to make good sound choices. Making quality sound choices come about through prayer and spiritual meditation, based on man’s personal relationship with God. Man’s relationship with God is strengthen through faith, obedience, and spiritual love. When man’s choices are favorable to God, the love in man’s heart will reflect the choices that he make in regard to himself and others. When we are unsure of the best choice to make, we should ask, “will my choice be pleasing to God? Will my choice be the best choice for me and my fellow man? Good choices should reflect, “Nothing But Love.” The Covid 19 Delta Variant is about making good sound choices, sickness, suffering, and death. This is your health journey. You make the difference.

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