LOVE2020: “THE YEAR OF LOVE.”—Jesus Is Love: From Social Media’s coverage of Communion during Easter Sunday Services To Social Media Reporting Tragedy Of A 15 Year Old Girl In California.

An Easter Sunday that went from watching Communion on Easter Sunday Services on social media to sadly reading on social media where a 15 year old girl took her life, in what was described as “stresses of quaratine,” in Stockton, California. According to sources, the 15 year ol girl, “hanged herself last week. and did not leave any notes behind explaining the reason.” The report also stated that, “two other students have also taken their lives.” According to Fox 40 News, “the 15 year old girl had been active at her school. She strived in music, softball, and basketball. She was known for her joyful spirit on campus.” The 15 year old girl’s mother, Ms. Hunt, stated on Fox 40 News, that, “videos, pictures,
and times they shared are what keep her going through the loss. Ms. Hunt reminds parents to have a true heart-to-heart with their kids and help them with their emotions during the pandemic, even if they are smiling and dancing.” Ms. Hunt want to raise suicide awareness during the Covid-19 pandemic. She stated, sometimes we may need to stop and worry about the kids that we don’t think we need to worry about.”
Hearts of love should say prayers for these young people families, that the families will be comforted and guided by a caring God through their time of tragic loss. It is not known to what extent these youth were suffering in silence. My point today is to appeal to youth to communicate with family members, especially during shelter in place. I appeal to and encourage families to watch for small signs that a child is struggling with issues, or dealing with issues in silence during stay at home. Families should show family love daily. Stay faithful. Stay prayerful. Stay strong.

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