#LOVE2020: “THE YEAR OF LOVE.”—The Deadly Coronavirus Crisis In America: Ignoring The Warnings; A matter of Life and Death.

In spite of national, state, and local, health awareness and virus prevention efforts, to get the message to everyone about real deadly consequences of the Coronavirus; many people are not taking the proven and active deadly health warnings serious. This is in spite of the infection rate and death count rapidly increasing daily. To quote one local authority, “more tests are coming back positive than negative at this time.” Openly and carelessly ignoring the seriousness of Coronavirus health warnings, exposes all areas of society: young and old, rich and poor, and all races, ethnics, and cultures. Every day of awareness and prevention becomes even more critical than the day before. Hospital supplies and necessities for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are in critical short supply. Masks and tests are in high demand, but in short supply. Protective health supplies for first responders are in short supply. If individuals and family members of all ages fail to daily follow emergency guidelines and ordinances, positive infections and deaths will soar in numbers far greater than anyone can imagine. Be aware that when those with low income, or those with little or no health insurance spread the virus to their home, church, or community, the chances of passing the various to others is much greater. There are also the potential of more suffering and deaths due to the lack of doctors, hospitals, or health facilities. (Remember the Biblical story where Noah continously warned the people that it was going to rain. “Many people paid Noah no mind, and when it happened, they were left behind.”) Those that follow the news, social media, or text to family members, friends, coworkers, or church members should spread the message that, “the Coronavirus is serious and deadly.” There was a report on March 21, 2020, from W.L.O.S., in Camden, South Carolina that stated, “A seven-month old from South Carolina tested positive for the Coronavirus. His grandmother also tested positive.” In a news report also, on March 22, 2020, Italy ask the U.S. for military assistance in handling 400 deaths in one day from the Coronavirus. There were 651 Coronavirus deaths in forty eight hours. According to an Italian nurse, the situation is unimaginable.” (C.N.N. Newsroom). If you fail to take action today, tomorrow may be too late. Don’t wait until the Coronavirus infection, or death from the Coronavirus, comes to your home and take not just one or two family members, but take several family members of the same family. At that time, choosing to get serious, or shedding regretted tears is too little, too late. For spiritual believers; yes, God is able. God is in charge. Everyone must take a responsible, caring attitude, to protect themselves and others. Do the right thing: Now!! The Coronavirus is a real life or death virus in our lifetime. This crisis is too serious for nonbelievers or believers to take lightly. Surely, we don’t know what the future holds, but, we must do our part to make life better in these times. Just act now: obey, pray, believe, and love. Yes, God will do the rest. Trust in God. Stay faithful. Stay strong. Be blessed.

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